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James Gunn DC Slate Comic Book Inspirations: Batman, Superman

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Batman, Superman

superman sitting on a cloud
What are you smiling at, Superman?
Picture: DC Comics

It’s been an exciting week for superhero movie fans, especially if you love DC Comics. This week, James Gunn and Peter Safran who together run DC Studios at Warner Bros., unveiled the start of their 8 to 10-year plan to bring DC heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman reclaiming their rightful place at the pinnacle of comic book culture.

But that plan β€” 10 projects, five on HBO Max and five in theaters, making up the first part of Chapter One in a larger, connected universe β€” won’t begin for a while. The first movie, Superman: Legacy, is not due out until July 2025. That’s a long way off. So in the meantime, to help quench some of that thirst and excitement for these properties, Gunn took to Twitter to give fans an idea of ​​the specific comics that inspire the movies he and his team are developing for Superman, Batman, Supergirl, and Swamp Thing, as well as the big-screen debut of Wildstorm’s team, the Authority.

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Gunn didn’t link to these, but that’s why we’re here.

First, not seen there but mentioned, is Supergirl: the woman of tomorrow by Tom King. You can get it at this link. So there is All-Star Superman: The Deluxe Edition which you can get on this link, Batman by Grand Morrison Omnibus Vol. 1 available at this link, and Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Available here.

Unfortunately, The Authority Omnibus Gunn put in his tweet is out of print but the stories in it are available in other editions. You can find out more here.

And, again, it’s important to consider the other part of Gunn’s tweet. While these runs with these characters, writers, and artists inspire the DCU in their “feel,” “look,” and “tone,” don’t expect the exact stories to be shown in theaters. These are just the “touchstones”.

For more on the all-new DC Universe slate, Click here. For more from Gunn and Safran on their vision, Click here.

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