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Rupert Grint Says The Harry Potter Movies Were Suffocating

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Look, at this point you’ve seen Rupert Grint in a lot of things.

Next weekend you can see it in theaters thanks to the new M. Night Shyamalan movie knock on the booth.

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Rupert also starred on the Apple TV+ show produced by M. Night Servant.

But, let’s face it – you met Rupert through the Harry Potter movies, and the whole world too.

Rupert has expressed over the years how he feels about his time playing in the Harry Potter movies β€” and in a new interview with Bustle, he certainly didn’t hold back.

Rupert described being involved in the Harry Potter films as “so complete”, including a year-long filming process, after which “we would promote the rest of the time”.

“It was pretty stuffy,” he said.

Rupert also said that “the lines were blurred” when it came to playing Ron Weasley versus maintaining his own sense of self – and that whether he liked it or not, Ron essentially became his “second name”.

β€œIn the movies, we merged into one. At the end, I was playing myself,” he said, later stating that β€œI answer, if someone calls me Ron.

Ouch! But Rupert also admits that the Harry Potter the film franchise, at the very least, didn’t last also long when it came to his own participation.

“It was an out-of-body experience for a while,” he said, “but I think we ended at the right time. If we had continued, it might have gone downhill.”

Read the full interview here.

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