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Super Bowl 2023 uniforms: Eagles and Chiefs reveal jersey selections for Super Bowl LVII

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Chiefs reveal

Super Bowl LVII will be held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, but the NFL rotates the official “home” team for the championship each year.

This season, the designation belongs to the NFC, meaning the Eagles will grace the home locker room for their title clash with the Chiefs. Not only that, but they had the privilege of selecting their uniforms for the big game.

On Tuesday, the team revealed their choice, video sharing a “Super Bowl LVII” patch sewn on their midnight green jerseys.

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The Eagles also shared images of the Super Bowl jerseys being loaded for shipment to Arizona. Green jerseys are part of the team’s traditional uniform, and it’s what Philadelphia has worn in its previous three Super Bowl appearances.

The Eagles sported Kelly Green when they faced the Raiders in Super Bowl XV late in the 1980 season, but they wore their current Midnight Green jerseys when they beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII late in the campaign. 2017.

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Chiefs reveal

It’s unconfirmed what color pants the Eagles will pair with the jerseys, but they’ve traditionally used white bottoms as part of the pairing.

The selection of green jerseys at home means the “visiting” Chiefs will wear their white jerseys away. The team’s official Twitter account shared a preview of the look they’ll be sporting in two weeks’ time with a video of quarterback Patrick Mahomes in his jersey.

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Kansas City has worn red in its last three Super Bowls, IV, LIV and LV and will debut in white for the first time with an NFL championship on the line on February 12. The Chiefs have two wins and one loss in their red Super Bowl.

jerseys. In the 56 Super Bowls played so far, the team dressed in white has won 36 times, unlike non-white teams, which have won 20 times.

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