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‘The Last of Us’ Joel Flashback in Season 1?

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Us’ Joel Flashback

In addition to making us want to listen to “Long, Long Time” by Linda Ronstadt over and over, The last of us also made us wonder: Will we ever see scenes of Joel’s life circa 2003-2023, how Episode 3 (read a full recap) gave us Bill and Frank interludes?

So we posed this question to series co-creator/executive producer Craig Mazin, who basically said…probably not. But there is something potentially much more powerful in-store.

“I don’t think we’re going to go back that long, but Joel’s past is what informs his future,” the PE told TVLine. “There is a particular moment that I also think about right [hits] me so hard.

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What could Mazin mean? In episodes 1 and 2, Pedro Pascal’s Joel and Anna Torv’s Tess referenced Joel’s less-than-savory story. And you also have to consider the moment in the premiere where he thought back to the night Sarah was killed, which led to him punching a FEDRA officer in the face in a goo. (Read a full recap.) Result? The guy has luggage. And, according to Mazin, that baggage will inform a very moving, yet to be seen, point in the first season of the HBO drama.

One of the reasons behind the significance of the scene, the EP added, is that “Pedro Pascal’s portrayal of Joel has so much soul and humanity, and vulnerability, especially when Joel is alone. Do you know? He has to be a badass with everyone, but when he’s alone, that’s when you see all that soul.

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The last of us airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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