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Which ‘Major Movie Star’ Jessica Simpson Secretly Dated

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Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Major Movie Star

Jessica Simpson posted a blind item on Amazon Original Story Wednesday, titled Movie Star: They always say they’re single. In the short story, Simpson briefly recounts being the other woman with a “big movie star” who was a childhood/teenage crush. Simpson said the aforementioned movie star pretended to be single, only to have Getty Images harass him. “Never in a million years will I be the other woman,” she wrote. The man alleged that he and the girlfriend were “completely finished”, which soothed Simpson for a while. Eventually, Simpson felt objectified and belittled by the star, leaving him because she “didn’t care that he was my teenage fantasy come true, it wasn’t a choice whose same girl, my young me, would be proud.” Good for her! But who is this star? What about his girlfriend who lied? Let’s try to understand this store. Here are the clues:

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➽ The man was already famous when Simpson was a teenager.
➽ Simpson writes that she first met the movie heartthrob at J.Lo’s VMAs after-party in 2001. She and Nick Lachey were on a break, and this man “was stripping [her] with his eyes.
➽ After the Newlyweds stars broke up for good in 2006, Simpson kissed this unnamed superstar at the Beverly Hills Hotel as he prepared for a big awards show.
➽ Simpson said the star told her spiritual advisor about her. “He says having sex brings you closer to God,” he reportedly said.
➽ He said he was single, but a photo on the red carpet proved that to be false.
➽ The movie star invited her on the set of a project directed by someone “known to even the most casual moviegoers”.

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